RADSpa : Cross-Border Teleradiology Reporting Platform


RADSpa Cross-border Teleradiology Reporting  : A Revolution in Healthcare

RADSpa is the Next Generation Tele-Radiology Platform with fully integrated Radiology Information System & Picture Archival Communication System (RIS/PACS) and highly intelligent workflows, which breaks the limitation of cross-border boundaries and suits the needs from a standalone diagnostics center to large scale multi-site, multi-geography hospitals and teleradiology centers.  Telerad Tech, the technology arm of Teleradiology Solutions (TRS), Asia’s premium teleradiology service provider, developed  RADSpa. The system is built to work in low bandwidth conditions and is suitable for countries with lower internet bandwidths. RADSpa RIS/PACS platform supports multiple deployment models (viz. RADSpa Enterprise, RADSpa Cloud & RADSpa Hybrid & RADSpa MiniPACS) based on customer requirements...